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Ceramic brake pads have become the braking industry’s buzzword these days with everyone installing such brake pads.

So why ceramic brake pads?

These brake-pads are generally quieter and lower dusting than most OEM pads and organic based brake pads. Many ceramic formulations offer extremely low dusting characteristics, preventing dust from accumulating on your wheels. Since they were first used on a few original equipment applications in 1985, friction materials that contain ceramic formulations have become recognized for their desirable blend of traits. Instead of the semi-metallic pad's steel fibers, the ceramic braking pads make use of the ceramic compounds and copper fibers. This allows the such pads to handle high brake temperatures with less fade, provide faster recovery after the stop, and generate less dust and wear on both the brake-pads and rotors. Moreover, the ceramic compounds in the ceramic brake pads make the braking much quieter. This happens as the ceramic compounds help dampen noise by generating a frequency that is beyond the human hearing range. Ceramic pads meet or exceed all original equipment standards for durability, stopping distance and noise. According to durability tests, ceramic compounds extend brake life compared to most other semi-metallic and organic materials and outlast other premium pad materials by a significant margin with no sacrifice in noise control, pad life or braking performance

Choosing the best ceramic brake pads

Ceramic brake pads are an excellent choice for most vehicles, but there are different quality levels when it comes to ceramic pads. Many companies are now developing so called pads that are nothing more than organic brake-pads with a small amount of ceramic content that is coated over the top of the brake pad. Brakeworld.com only carries true ceramic pads that contain ceramic formula throughout the entire pad. In our opinion the best performing ceramic pad with the highest level of ceramic content is the Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic brake pad. This is actually the quietest pad we have ever experienced, as well as one of the lowest dusting. Hyper Ceramic is a revolutionary "true" organic ceramic formulation designed for cool, clean, quiet and long lasting operation for all vehicles. Hyper Ceramic provides the ultimate in braking friction technology designed as replacement pads for OE ceramic applications or as premium upgrade for all friction materials. This is the "true" ceramic formulation. While other friction manufacturers claim to have "ceramic formulations", they are often nothing more than existing semi-metallic formulations with small amounts of ceramic particles introduced into the mix. Don't be fooled by "ceramic-enhanced", trust the "true" ceramic formulation...trust Hyper Ceramic - true ceramic brake pad

Ceramic brake rotors

Ceramic brake rotors are considered the pinnacle of rotor technology, and unlike ceramic pads which are commonly used, ceramic rotors are not. The main reason ceramic brake rotors are not used in the mainstream today is that they are cost prohibitive. The average ceramic rotor cost over $2,000 usd. So next time you need 20-30 of them give us a call.